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K'Nex wants YOU for the K-Force Squad! See how you can win your spot!

Fresh from the folks at K'Nex, they're looking for members of the K-Force! Do you have what it takes? See the announcement below:

K’NEX Seeks Members To Join The K-FORCE(TM) Squad

Nationwide Search Will Reward 20 Enthusiastic Blaster Fans! 

Hatfield, PA March, 2015 K'NEX, the only US construction toy company focused on Building Worlds Kids Love®, is seeking 20 enthusiastic blaster fans to join its K-FORCE Squad! The members of the squad will be the first to get their hands on the new K- FORCE Build and Blast(TM) line; the only line of blasters that you build then blast! 

The K-FORCE Build and Blast line invites kids ages 8+ to construct customized blasters, big or small, single or multi-shot, with endless possibilities the only limit is your imagination! The introductory line includes 8 different kinds of blasters, buildable targets, and foam dart packs. 
The nationwide search runs through March 22, 2015 and challenges blaster fans ages 13+ to submit a video, up to 60 seconds in length, explaining why they deserve to be chosen as a member of the K-FORCE Squad. The first 1,000 video entries received will be reviewed by a panel of K’NEX judges, and 20 K-FORCE Squad members will be chosen from among those entries. 
Upon confirmation of eligibility, the 20 K-FORCE Squad members will each receive exclusive access to the K-FORCE Build and Blast product line before it hits store shelves, and a chance to become the Grand Prize winner. All the Squad members have to do is build one or more K-FORCE blasters using the K-FORCE products they receive (and any other genuine K’NEX parts they may already have at home), and then create a short video that shows the Squad member using the blaster(s) he or she created to execute his or her best “trick shot”. 
K-FORCE Squad members will be required to submit their video to K’NEX by May 8, 2015 and, upon review and confirmation of qualification, will be asked to post their Best Trick Shot Video to YouTube by May 15, 2015. These videos will then be featured on the K’NEX Facebook page, and the public will be given the opportunity to vote for their favorite video. The K-FORCE Squad member whose video receives the most votes will be awarded the Grand Prize, a $500 shopping spree on, and a GoPro HERO4 Camera. 
The K-FORCE Squad contest is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada, except those of Puerto Rico, U.S. territories or possessions, the Province of Quebec, and where
prohibited, who are 13 years or older at the time of entry, and no purchase is necessary. For more information on K’NEX, K-FORCE, or the contest, visit

Look for my take on the K-Force brand later this week. In the meantime, don't forget to check out my GALLERY!

New York Toy Fair 2015 - Nerf Showroom Breakdown

New York Toy Fair Nerf Showroom Breakdown
Vas The Stampede

Nerf Rivals

The Nerf Rival Apollo & Zeus

The big news of the show for me out of the Nerf room was this line. I have my rundown of the Zeus and the Apollo (and a firing video of the Zeus) here.

Accessories for sale (Available Fall 2015):

50 round ammo pack - $17.99
25 round ammo pack - $9.99
12 round magazine w/16 rounds - $11.99
Face mask (red or blue) - $14.99

I'd be lying if I didn't say I was excited for this line. Supposedly 100 fps, Nerf aiming for a larger audience (given the success of Nerf Rebelle), and increased accuracy. The accuracy alone has me piqued, with Elite darts (including suction cup) and Mega darts lacking in that department (in my opinion.) I still hold Dart Tag velcro darts as some of the most accurate darts I've ever had the pleasure to use. The price is agreeable too, given Nerf's recent high value items (Terradrone, Rhino-Fire, Cam-ECS). I look forward to more on these blasters, and welcome the new tech. Although, yet another ammo type to stock up on.

Zombie Strike:

New firing modes! DOOM. DOOM. DOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!

(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $29.99/Available: Fall 2015)

Beat back the zombie hordes using three kinds of ammo with the ZOMBIE STRIKE BIOSQUAD ZR-800 ABOLISHER blaster. This epic blaster allows fans to fight back using ZOMBIE STRIKE darts, ZOMBIE STRIKE BIOSQUAD zombie repellent or water. No matter where or how the zombies attack, NERF fans are ready to take them down with the ABOLISHER blaster. Simply attach the ZOMBIE STRIKE BIOSQUAD zombie repellent canister to the blaster and pull the trigger. Repellent canister can also be replaced with the included refillable water canister. Available at most major retailers and

Abolisher on top, Eraser lower

(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $19.99/Available:Fall 2015)

Take down zombies two ways with the ZOMBIE STRIKE BIOSQUAD ZR-100 ERASER blaster! Blast away the undead with ZOMBIE STRIKE darts, or unleash a steady stream of BIOSQUAD zombie repellent to keep them at bay. Simply attach the ZOMBIE STRIKE BIOSQUAD zombie repellent canister to the blaster and pull the trigger. Includes 3 ZOMBIE STRIKE darts and 1 can of ZOMBIE STRIKE BIOSQUAD zombie repellent. Available at most major retailers and

As a side note, additional cans of Zombie Repellent will be available in 3.8 oz cans for $5.99
The addition of silly stri ZOMBIE REPELLENT is a new feature for Zombie Strike. Two blasters, the ZR-800 Abolisher and ZR-100 Eraser both use this new feature, fired by the trigger on the blaster. Each blaster fires darts much like the Demolisher launches rockets, by using a pump as the firing mechanism. While that isn't my favorite thing to hear (I find mechanisms like that throw off my aim), I'll give these blasters a chance all the same before I make a final decision. The repellent is an interesting idea, and I'm all about seeing a brand try new things, especially when it's Nerf.

That being said about the new feature, my favorite thing out of Zombie Strike this year is THE DOOMINATOR. Sure, it's yet another single shot blaster and yes it shares a similar feature as the Flipfury, but it's bigger and the design has enough of a twist that I can forgive the repetition.

THE DOOMINATOR. $39.99, 4 rotating drums, 6 darts apiece = 24 rounds of pump-action fury. Additionally, the foregrip handle can be relocated in different positions on the pump, if you are so inclined.


A quick quote on how Modulus relates to the existing Nerf N-Strike/Elite lines: 

"We have many exciting new innovations on the Nerf brand in 2015, introducing new segments and differentiated play patterns that deliver the same quality and performance consumers love. With this rapid product innovation and taking consumer feedback like more open packaging into consideration, we recognize that there is some confusion between our many segments.   We are working to enhance and evolve our branding and packaging to help minimize consumer confusion." - Nerf, in an email to me asking about why the Modulus is being labeled separately from the Elite line (but the ranges remain similar!)

The Modulus is Nerf's focused attempt at cashing in on one of the biggest trends this year (if you believe the Toy Fair chatter); customization. While past blasters in the N-Strike and N-Strke Elite lines offered tactical rails/stocks/sights for players, Modulus takes that concept and offers customization as the main focus. You start with one main blaster and add the parts on, as opposed to having the customization be secondary (and somewhat lost) in the myriad of N-Strike blasters. Modulus branding seems to draw the focus to the customizing aspect of playing with blasters. To me, that explains why the blaster itself is very similar to the Nerf Stryfe, being semiautomatic and a flywheel blaster as opposed to something with a different functionality that might minimize the impact of the custom aspect of the line.

The shield and in-stock blaster of the "Strike & Defend" pack is very nicely done (and my favorite of them all), although to some degree I think I liked the placement on the Longshot's infamous front blaster. There's just one less step in firing that shot than having to remove the stock to fire the backup in the Strike & Defend. Each of the "upgrade kits" (Flip Clip, Stealth Ops, Strike & Defend, Long Range) will be about $14.99, and the cost of the base Modulus blaster (includes scope, stock w/additional clip storage like a Recon, drop-down grip, and 10-dart banana clip) is supposed to be $49.99. All in all, that's a pretty hefty price tag if you want the complete set, even for the numerous configurations available. But the amount of custom options is now increasing for those who like their Nerf with a side order of accessories.



The highlight of the Nerf Rebelle showroom for me wasn't the Arrow Revolution, but the Codebreaker, seen here:

Trigger lock

 Aside from the aesthetics (another crossbow, yes, but a fine looking one) the lock on the Codebreaker is pretty smart thinking. Too often in the past I've left blasters out on my wall, table, desk, only for some cheeky guest to grab hold of it, load it up, and open fire on unsuspecting victims (me). With the Codebreaker, that ends! Or at least, it should make it less likely to happen. While I love random acts of Nerf, sometimes you just don't want people grabbing all your blasters and opening fire. Other blasters such as the Secret Shot, Tri Threat (a Super Soaker blaster), and Dolphina were on display, but those are all readily available in stores currently (if you don't see them yet, give it time, they're on the way). In short, Nerf Rebelle has really stuck with the intended audience and made an impression, so look for more blasters in the future. Whatever your feelings may be on the heavy influence of bows or the colors, the line works for Nerf and serves to expand their brand into other audiences. Other blasters such as the Courage were not on display at Toy Fair, so I can't comment on how they performed or how much I like them.


The Nerf Mega line had a few new additions, such as the BigShock and Cycloneshock (both available now), and the Rotofury complete with slam-fire capability is due out later this year. Look for the full reveal I previously released here:


Yes, the Crossbolt was a nice blaster, but Elite has my attention because of this - 

The dedicated "Rocket Launcher" in the Nerf N-Strike Elite Thunderblast. MSRP: $24.99, available this Fall. Shoots rockets up to 60' with a quick pump from the undermounted handle. Simple and ridiculous size ammo, which for me is a winning formula. While not quite the Titan I hoped for, the emergence of new rockets for the Nerf line (starting with the Demolisher) has added a new element to some special gametypes, and just got a little more fun in general. I loved shooting people with Titan rockets, and the new smaller rockets are a lot of fun as well. I indeed plan to support this blaster, as if it succeeds then more blasters that utilize this ammo are sure to follow.

(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $24.99/Available: Fall 2015) 
Real crossbow action meets N-STRIKE ELITE performance with the first-ever clip-fed NERF crossbow. The N-STRIKE ELITE CROSSBOLT blaster features a 12-dart clip and fires up to an impressive 90 feet! 
Opponents won’t stand a chance with this high capacity multi-firing blaster that sends darts flying into action!
Comes with 12 N-STRIKE ELITE darts. Available at most major toy retailers nationwide and at

NERF N-STRIKE SnapFire Blaster (not shown at Toy Fair)
(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $4.99/Available:Spring 2015)
Catch the competition off guard with the N-STRIKE SnapFire blaster! This stealth blaster comes with 2 N-STRIKE ELITEdarts that can be quickly loaded, or stored on the blaster for easy access while sneaking into position. The SnapFireblaster is made for mobile, fast-moving missions! Available at select toy retailers nationwide and at

NERF N-STRIKE DOUBLEDOWN Blaster (not shown at Toy Fair, though I believe it is available already in places) 
(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $9.99/Available:Spring 2015)

When battles heat up, fans can rely on the one-handed design of the N- STRIKE DOUBLEDOWN blaster. This compact blaster allows for quick reloads with one hand and will fire 2 N-STRIKE ELITE darts in a row thanks to its double tap action. Blaster includes 4 N-STRIKE ELITE darts. Available at select toy retailers and at 

Most notably in these last two descriptions is the pricing, outside of the Jolt, a Reflex, or a Triad, or Doublestrike I can't recall many blasters that don't break into the $10 range, at least for Nerf. Yes, they exist but are often very small blasters. These look to be along the same lines size wise (note the Jolt-like handle on the Snapfire) but it's a bit newish, and for the right price for someone looking to buy a lot of blasters for a party or some other mass quantity reason.

To sum it all up, Nerf has been busy! Busy innovating and getting some new spins on old tricks (Flipfury on steroids in the Doominator, "repellent"/water in blasters, single shot blasters galore with new gimmicks, an easier to load Agent Bow in the Arrow Revolution, etc.) but still providing a lot of options on how to play and now along a varied range of prices. No remote controlled beasts this year or integrated tech (like the Cam-ECS), but the Rivals line is a pretty big jump, FPS wise compared to past years and a gamble at trying to attract older folks more than the current blasters already do. And nope, no new Vortex blasters along any of the lines this year (including Zombie Strike), not even a new paintjob or anything like that. Nerf hasn't said one way or another whether the Vortex line is being worked on any longer, so it's one of those "wait and see" moments; if more blasters are made for Vortex, awesome. If not, well, it was fun while it lasted (I do love dual wielding Nitrons, after all.)

Whew! Thanks for hanging in there, if you have questions on anything I mentioned here, be sure to leave it in the comments. I've got videos to work on, and an announcement later today, so be sure to come back soon, y'hear?


This isn't the end, not by a longshot. I've got plenty more showrooms to go through (K'Nex, Zing, Marshmallow Shooters, etc.) and will post as I get them done. Thanks again! More pictures are available in my gallery -Nerf New York Toy Fair 2015

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New York Toy Fair 2015 - In A Nutshell

New York Toy Fair 2015 in a Nutshell (The Good, the Not so Good, the.... What?)
Vas The Stampede

'Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.' - Norman Vincent Peale

And there was a lot of shooting (darts, rounds, water pellets, zartz) at this year's North American International Toy Fair. This makes 5 years now I've gone to the show and as always, I come back saying, "wow." So here's a quick rundown on what I saw, and some initial impressions.

Quick note: As always, this trip is not sponsored by any of the companies. No one pays to fly me out. This is all out of pocket for me on this trip to ensure I am covering what I want and saying what I need to say.

There were a LOT of blaster type/associated brands that caught my eye this year. The Story So Far (in no particular order), followed by a taste/preview of things I liked (+) and/or didn't like (-). As I intend to give each brand their own post, these tidbits are shots from the hip, what I readily recall.
  • Nerf (Hasbro)

    • DOOMINATOR +++++++++ (the amount of +s are completely arbitrary, but may relay my sense of enthusiasm) 
    •  Modulus blaster by itself - (it's a Stryfe, even if you can make additions)
    • Strike & Defend blaster (Literally, a "Stock Blaster") +
    • Rival line ++++++++++++++++
    • Zombie Strike silly s Zombie Repellant + 
    • Rebelle Codebreaker + 
    • Tek Strike +
    • Rotofury doesn't have a stock -
BOOMco Needler - Halo

  • BOOMco (Mattel)
    • Halo blasters ++++
    • Spinsanity +
    • One of the new blasters is another triggerless/slam-fire affair
  • Zing 
    • New airborne toys/planes +
    • Firetek Styled Zano Bows +
    • Some additional roleplay items to the "Legends" line +
    • Firetek Style Sky Ripperz+
  • XC Shot/Bug Attack (Zuru)
    • Bug Attack will have included targets for additional hilarity +
    • New blasters for XC Shot (the ones with clips) were prototypes and not firing -
    • Increased ranges for XC shot blasters + 
  • Primetime Toys
    • Not much new there, as a lot is still in the works. I did get video of the Talon, but Primetime promises some new product in the next few months. They did address some reports about the dart adhesive being problematic, and insist they have since fixed the problem. Comment below if you still find Primetime Toys streamline darts to fall apart, I'm sure they'd be interested to know. The Scorpion was one of their first forays going out of the Airzone line, and they plan to do more.
  • K'Nex +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
A springer styled shotgun of their own.

    • I mean, seriously. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 
      • With a little working knowledge, I'd be interested to see how the standing K'Nex community excels with these blasters. They're built with "regular" blaster play patterns in mind, with the intent of being able to withstand a drop/fall/hit like any other blaster currently on the market. DROP TEST HERE.
      • What makes me a believer? That one of the folks that works for K'Nex made a multi-barreled blaster (that fired on a single trigger pull after priming each individual plunger tube) out of the available kits. It took some work he said, but it worked out. To me, that spoke volumes of the potential of builds in this line. With enough plungers, connectors, rods, who knows what is possible. Also, look forward to their promotion coming this spring, to really find the best K'Nex fans out there! 
  • Marshmallow Shooters

  • Marshmallow Shooters Orballistics ammo
    • ORBALLISTICS. Reportedly going to get 50' flat, and straight no less.+++
    • Foam ammo finally. Apparently the feedback was a lot of people didn't like wasting food, so this is now a thing for their line. 
  • Discovery Kids
    • TBD: they had a number of blasters in boxes, nothing to demo. The designs looked like stuff we've seen, but if the price point is right (also, they might have some interesting licenses) I won't discount them out right.
  • Moose Toys (From what they told me, they have a blaster in the works. Not your typical fare, but I'll get more info on this later.)  
    • TBD
  •  NXT (Maya Group, from the way I see it, this is a reboot of the Xploderz line)
    • This iteration of water pellet shooters from Maya Group FINALLY HAZ A TRIGGER. After all this time, and the first run with BlasterPro, these blasters get a trigger. I will admit, I had misgivings about previous Maya Group blasters, but these seemed on point. Although, paintballers might see something very similar here (at least, the gravity fed hopper shape on top. +

  • NXT Generation (Bows, crossbows, etc)
    • Some of the most solidly-built blasters/shooters I've seen, but the ammo to me leaves something to be desired. They require a closer look from me for a determination on this next set. The shotgun I reviewed was a little expensive for what you got, but it's a new year, with a new line of products. TBD

  • Ogo Sports (had a few interesting launchers, they might be good for objective-based gameplay) (N/A, as these are more for goals and objectives, and I see them as less for PvP.)
  • Hog Wild Toys (Power Poppers)
    • What is becoming a yearly standard, while these blasters are simplistic but freakin' hilarious. +
      Honorable mention, right here! Made me think of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit".

    By my count, that's about 13 different brands that made something blaster/launcher-related.
    There's a LOT of press release info to go through, photos, and videos but I'll release them all here! Stay tuned, as I will be releasing more galleries and videos this week (piece by piece, so as to not overwhelm you:)  and if you have any questions please leave in the (moderated) comments below!

    Let's connect:
    Instagram: Blasterbot1984
    Twitter: @VasTheStampede

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    Nerf Rival Firing/Demo Video! Fresh from New York Toy Fair!

    Nerf Rival Firing and Demo video from New York Toy Fair
     Vas The Stampede

    Here's what you're here for:

    Nerf Rival Zeus and Apollo
     Blasters for the line:

    NERF RIVAL ZEUS MXV-1200 Blaster
    (Ages 14 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $49.99/Available: Fall 2015)

    Bring NERF battles to the next level with the mighty NERF RIVAL ZEUS MXV-1200 blaster. Simply push the power-up button, then take aim and unleash motorized blasting power on the opposing team. The powerful, precise RIVAL ZEUS MXV-1200 blaster gives fans and their allies an edge in battle and features an ambidextrous  clip loading and release button, safety switch, and fold-up sight. The included NERF RIVAL 12-round magazine is also compatible for use with the NERF RIVAL APOLLO XV-700 blaster, sold separately. Blaster is available in both red and blue and includes 12 NERF RIVAL Foam rounds. Six C batteries required, not included.

    Available at most major toy retailers nationwide and at

    Nerf Rival Zeus in Red
    Nerf RIVAL APOLLO XV-700 Blaster
    (Ages 14 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $24.99/Available: Fall 2015) 

    Perfect for the heat of the competition, the NERF RIVAL APOLLO XV-700 blaster sends NERF RIVAL foam rounds soaring in the air with extraordinary velocity. To defend themselves and teammates against the opposition, pull the lever to move the RIVAL foam round into place, then take aim and launch! Blaster is available in both red and blue includes seven NERF RIVAL foam rounds. 
    Available at most major toy retailers nationwide and at
    Additional photos in the gallery:
    Word has it these blasters will hit 100 fps, and up the accuracy in ways not seen before with Nerf blasters. While we won't know for sure 'til these are released, I'm very intrigued with the intention and design of these blasters. Additional ammo, ammo tubes, and colored masks will be available when the line is launched.
    I'll continue to update with more Toy Fair reviews and thoughts as I get them done. You can imagine, there are a lot of pictures and videos to go through! Thanks!
    Questions? Concerns? Leave them in the comments below!

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    Toy Fair 2015 - There, and Back Again. (Nerf and More Round up!)

    Toy Fair 2015 Preview - Expectations and a look back at Blasters in 2014
    Vas The Stampede

    Sorry it's been awhile, you all! Just a heads up, while I maintain here, I am also posting content at the following:

    Instagram: Blasterbot1984
    Facebook: Foam From Above

    Just like the title says, I am here in New York City, and ready to go for another round at the New York Toy Fair. The blaster scene is a little different from last year, but there's a lot of buzz surrounding this year's show. Dare I say it, possibly even more than last year.


    Nerf had a hit on their hand it seems with the Rebelle line, expanding on the roleplay/bow and arrow aspect of the blasters to appeal to young girls. While I have my own opinions about gender specific toys, the line is still around, and going strong. So strong in fact, there will be a whole slew of new blasters to check out at this year's show, including the Revolution Bow:

    Image taken from Toyqueen, writing for

    Nerf's largest release (literally) was something not on display last year, the Nerf Rhinofire. After the initial releases of the Slingfire, the Mega Thunderbow, and the Nerf Cam ECS-12, Nerf crashed through with one of the biggest, full auto blasters to date. While pricey and even a pain to reload, the blaster was a lot of fun to use.

    There is already a large amount of buzz for Nerf in 2015 as well, starting with info about the Rotofury, The Doominator, the Nerf Modulus, and most recently today, NERF RIVALS.

    The Rotofury
    Nerf Rival blaster (this is the Zeus MVX-1200)
    Nerf Zombie Strike DOOMINATOR
    Needless to say, that's a lot of blaster to look at over the weekend. I'll be back Sunday with the report on Nerf, after my visit to their showroom that morning.

    Other Brands:
    Tomorrow is the actual Day 1 of Toy Fair, but the Hasbro Showroom isn't open to tours yet, just a special event. That being the case, I'm going to spend time checking out the other brands such as Zing Toys, Primetime Toys (makers of the Scorpion Gatling Gun), Hogwild Toys (the Power Poppers makers), Marshmallow Shooters, Maya Group (whose offering this year might be something different, the branding doesn't seem Xploderz related but you never know), Zuru (if you bought the Vigilante), and of course, K'Nex and their K-Force. BOOMco will also be on hand at Mattel's showroom, but I won't get a look at their new stuff until Monday, during one of their media events.

    That being said, you never can be too sure what else might be on that show floor. I've seen push rockets, something called a "Titan Torpedo" (which looked a lot like the throwable Uberdart), and maybe there will be some new vehicle blasters like the VMD cars and Attacknid. But that's part of the fun of the show for me, that extra sense of discovery!

    The big release from Zing last year, the Firetek Bow
    Ghostbusters Marshmallow Shooters first seen last year, just in time for the new film!

    It's going to be a busy few days, make sure to check the social links above for live-updates, but come back here for the full writeups. Thanks for your time!

    Monday, January 19, 2015

    REVEAL! Nerf MEGA Rotofury Press Release (Fresh from Nerf!)

    ***NERF MEGA RotoFury Blaster*** NEW FOR 2015!
    (Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $34.99/Available: Fall 2015)

    By: Vas The Stampede

    "Supersize your NERF battles and dominate the field with the highest capacity MEGA blaster ever! The MEGA RotoFury blaster gives you the option of firing one MEGA Whistler Dart at a time, or slam firing a steady stream of ten darts in a row. Hear the darts whistle as they fly through the air and hit targets up to 90 feet away.  Includes 10 MEGA Whistler Darts. Available at most major retailers nationwide and"

    Thanks to Nerf for the image! There you have it, their Raider/Rampage gone MEGA. 10 shots. Single fire or slam. I don't see a way to attach a stock, (which I liked using on a Rampage) buuuut as always, I need to see this blaster in person before I can really comment on it. But I can admit I'm a bit excited to shoot that much Mega ammo with slamfire. 2015 is looking pretty good!

    What this tells me is that large ammo rules in my game groups are getting more and more interesting with every extension of the Mega line. What I wouldn't give though to see something like this that shoots Demolisher missiles.

    Or, can I just hope that a big release this year is going to be a full auto Mega blaster? A guy can dream. 

    Still working on my 2014 roundup, stay tuned! It'll coincide with the roundup of brands I'll be visiting with at New York Toy Fair this year.

    Sunday, January 18, 2015

    Paper Shooters: The Return! Launches January 30th!

    Paper Shooters Launches Website January 30! (Paper shooting blasters)
    Vas The Stampede

    Paper Shooters is back, and this time, with funding. After a couple attempts at crowdsourcing, the product is ready to roll out and take orders! Featuring a familiar "paper ammo" (a la Max Force, if anyone remembers), these blasters are different for a few reasons:

    + A trigger!
    + Instead of buying more ammo, the product is supposed to include a mold that people can make their own out of normal paper (which then gets loaded into a shell, that loads in to the magazine, that loads into the blasters.)
    + A trigger!
    + Customization is something encouraged with these blasters as well. Make your ammo, build your own blaster (it starts out as a construction kit, from what I understand), and the game is yours.
    +Nerf designers are part of the team working on this line.

    Some things about this release that make me a bit nervous -

    - The cost. Between $35 & $49.
    - The Clan App gets used on a wristmounted smartphone? Hrm.
    - Accuracy of the paper wads
    - Using paper wads! They got messy before, and I can see loading each individually into a separate shell being time consuming.
    - Shells/magazines sold separately, I assume. And when I first learned of this blaster, PvP wasn't a big part of the conception, as I understood it. A Clan App to track stats changes that. But until I try it all out, I can't say strongly either way if this is a good option for even casual or office wars.
    Given the past history with other brands and their mobile apps, I'm a little reserved about that until I see it. 

    Do I have reservations? Sure. But without the blaster in front of me, I'm at least willing to try it out. New blasters, new companies, new innovations can only help the hobby!

    Previous articles:

    Paper Shooters 1
    Paper Shooters 2 
    Countdown to Paper Shooters at their website, here.